RePitch Top Features

Enhanced musical pitch analysis

RePitch identifies notes in your vocal based on the fundamental principles of human pitch perception. RePitch processing sounds incredibly natural and "undoctured".

Scale Detection​

RePitch will analyse the pitches within the signal and suggest the most likely scale. Snap all the notes in the performance to the detected scale faster and easier than ever tuning.

Edit pitch, sibilance and breaths separately

RePitch processes pitched and non-pitched note sections separately. Sibilants, consonants and breath noises are dealt with quickly and easily.

Powerful tuning and time editing tools​

RePitch makes it possible to INSTANTLY correct the pitch of an entire vocal track, or take command of pitch, timing, vibrato, formants, sibilance and more.

Learn How To Use the Powerful Tools in RePitch

The RePitch Editing Tools

RePitch - The New Standard in Vocal Tuning

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