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Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at the answers below to the most common questions before sending us a message.

Are you an authorized dealer for these brands?

Absolutely. We are an authorized dealer for every brand on our site. We only provide fresh new codes directly from the manufacturers. And, we do not sell any older versions of any of the plugins/ bundles on our site.

How do I see the prices on your website?

In order to access all of our discounted pricing, you need to create an account. To create an account, click on “MY ACCOUNT” or “LOGIN”  on the header above.

Are authorizations sent electronically?

Yes. All authorizations are sent electronically. No boxes are shipped.

How long will delivery take? Are codes sent instantly?

We are known for the fastest delivery times in the industry. Some products on our site are delivered instantly at the time of purchase. But, some products require manual processing. If your order requires manual processing, you will still see it quickly – typically the same business day.

Nobody works harder to get you your plugins as quickly as possible than us! So, please do not email us immediately after purchasing, asking when you are going to get your codes. The answer is simply – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Manually processed orders take time for processing, and are not processed in the middle of the night, etc.. If you have not received your order after 24 hours, there was likely an email issue – in those cases, feel free to drop us a line – and include your order number – and we will re-send your codes.

I didn't get my codes yet? Did something go wrong?

We are known for the fastest delivery times in the industry. Some products on our site are sent instantly at the time of purchase.

If you purchased an instant product, and didn’t get the email after a few minutes – Two things could have happened. First, the email with the codes can sometimes take a few minutes to appear. However, it is also possible that your email provider has mistaken our email as spam and blocked it. Don’t worry – there is no need to email us! You can find these codes RIGHT NOW in your Plugin Discounts account in the “Orders” tab.

If your order is marked “Order Received” or “Processing”, then the product(s) you purchased require manual processing. These codes are sent manually via email. We typically process these orders very quickly – nearly all manually processed orders are sent within the same business day. However, some upgrades/ cross grades require more time for processing.

Please note – The following brands are not available as instant delivery through dealers: Audio Ease, Empirical Labs, Lexicon and SynchroArts. In addition, some Fabfilter and iZotope bundles/ upgrades/ crossgrades may require manual processing. If you order contains one of these products, the entire order will need to be manually processed.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you can print invoices for your orders directly from your account.

Can I return software I purchased?

Due to the nature of virtual products, we are unable to accept any returns. There are no refunds or exchanges. We encourage all customers to use the demo versions of the plugins on their system before purchasing – because all sales are final. If you encounter an issue with a plugin you purchased from us – your first step should be to contact the developer’s tech support team for help and the quickest resolution.

I'm logged in to my account, but I can't add to cart or keep seeing Login for Price messages.

It could be one of two things. 1 – It’s because you actually are not logged in. With the most recent site updates, you will always see “My Account” in the top right of the page, whether you’re logged in or not. Previously, it would have a different message when not logged in. Click on “My Account”, and it will take you to the page to login to your account. 2 – If you still can’t add to cart or login, it is because your browser has an older version of the site cached which is causing a conflict. You just need to clear or empty your browser cache to fix it.

I get an error when trying to contact through this page?

Clear/ empty your browser cache – this fixes most issues people have had in the past. We have tested the contact form on a Mac with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. As well as an iPhone using Safari. If you still have issues – try using a different browser, and be sure to fill out the name and email address before clicking submit.

I can't reset my password?

Please use the following link to reset your password: https://plugindiscounts.com/my-account/lost-password

There will be no special message on screen after submitting your details (it will redirect you to the login page). You will need to check your email for the next step. Please give it at least 10 minutes after submitting your details, and be sure to also check your spam folder. If nothing shows up – our reset system email is likely being blocked, and you should contact us with “manual password reset” as the message via the contact form. And, we will email you a manually created temporary password.

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